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Our pricing policy

Choose Quality for the Right Price with La Réunion Autrement
Our prices are clear, and consistent with the quality of our properties.

Short term rental :

A short term rental is for periods ranging from two nights to 90 nights (three months).
The total cost of your stay is calculated on the basis of the per night rate multiplied by the number of nights reserved. Prices are per night and per property regardless of the number of occupants.

Our listed prices include all the tax and utility costs related to the property :

  • Taxes related to the property
  • Agency commissions
  • Water Gas Electricity
  • Household linens
  • Subscriptions to Internet
  • Telephone assistance during your stay

Not included in the per night rate :

  • Mandatory visitor’s tax
  • Any of the optional La Réunion Autrement “Extra" Services
  • Contractual supplements (see general rental terms) late arrival day, day use etc
  • Reservation fee: 30€ per reservation, VAT included

But we go further to satisfy our customers. With La Réunion Autrement, the earlier you reserve, the less you pay.

  • 3% discount if you reserve 90 days before your arrival date
  • 2% discount if you reserve 60 days before your arrival date
  • 1% discount if you reserve 30 days before your arrival date

Medium and long term rental :

Medium and long term rentals are those exceeding three months.
If you are looking for a medium to long term rental, we invite you to contact us. We will be happy to find you a place that matches the length of your stay and your budget.

Included :

  • Property rental
  • Subscription to the internet
  • Our assistance for all your concerns during the length of your stay
  • Supply of all necessary household linens

Not included :

  • Utilities (water - gas – electricity – phone)
  • Agency commissions
  • Weekly cleaning service, optional service at 30€ per hour, VAT included
  • Additional pack of household linens, upon request (30€ per pack, VAT included)

Agency commissions :

Agency commissions are calculated as follows :

  • Rentals 3 to 6 months = 18% of the total rent
  • Rentals longer than 6 to 8 months = 15% of the total rent
  • Rentals longer than 8 to 12 months = 12% of the total ren
  • Rentals longer than one year = 10% of the total rent.

For rentals up to 3 months, agency commission is 27% of the rent, VAT included. This commission is already included on our price for rentals shorter then 3 months.

After check-in, the agency fees will to be kept by the agency in case of reduction of the duration of the contract at the request of the customer.